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Excessive sweating, can be an inconvenient and sometimes embarrassing problem. It is normal to sweat when exercising or in hot weather but some people sweat when their body isn't trying to cool down and it can be very frustrating.

Advice on reducing the problem suggests things such as avoiding tight-fitting clothes, man-made fibres and not having alcohol, caffeine or spicy foods but there are always going to be times when sticking to that is just as inconvenient as the sweating! 

Luckily there is a non-surgical treatment which is easy and effective that I can offer you.

By injecting into targeted areas under the arm (and don't worry you will have numbing cream under there first!) we can alleviate this condition and you can confidently live your life once more.

Feedback from a client:

'had lots of stress at work the last couple of days which is normally a trigger but feeling much drier than usual! I'm wearing a top today that I haven't worn in ages as it shows up marks but is absolutely fine. Very, very happy...excited to wear more of my wardrobe'

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